Tammy is AMAZING! After doing strenuous yard work for several day in a row, my neck muscles became frozen. I was unable to move my neck from side to side, up or down and was in excruciating pain. With ONLY 1 SESSION, I was able to move my neck and the pain was at a minimal. She indeed is excellent at massage, intuitive energy healing and the clients well-being is her top priority. I have recommended her many times in my personal conversations to my co-workers, family and friends. I like to call her the “MIRACLE WORKER”


“Tammy is an amazing and gifted healer.  Her solid connection with Loving Presence flows through her hands and intuitively guides her healing touch.  Time with her is truly transformative. I travel four hours round trip for my sessions with Tammy.  The quality of the healing I receive is priceless – definitely worth the extra miles.”

James Bryer, Ph.D.

“Tammy has been an instrumental part of my healing journey. She not only brings in her strong hands that are intuitively guided, she also brings her amazing heart that embraces whatever comes up in the  massage. She adds what your body is telling her it needs; sound therapy, essential oils, cupping, music. I have been so blessed to have her by my side along my journey. I would highly recommend her for any massage healing work your body is calling for.”

Kayla F.

“I was so happy to find Tammy, especially after I read the amazing list of healing skills that she brings to her healing sessions.  She was very considerate of my needs, as for a person with Fibromyalgia a massage can be a very painful, and uncomfortable experience, if the therapist is not attuned to the specific needs of this disorder.  I left the session feeling very relaxed, and thankful that I had decided to attempt to find a therapeutic massage person, while we were on a short vacation recently.  I immediately felt comfortable with Tammy.  Her gentle and caring spirit, is evident from the first time you meet, until the end of the session.  I was glad I chose a 90 minute session, as it really felt like I was able to get just what I needed in that length of time.”

Pat Johnson, OTR/L, MA, LMFT

“As the former owner of a healing center, I have worked with many practitioners over the years. My sessions with Tammy are always truly amazing!! I love how she is always learning new techniques and blending them in as her intuition guides her. Tammy is a gift on my healing journey, in so many ways. “

Nancy L.

“I have been going to Tammy for massage every 2 weeks for over 2 1/2 years. Tammy seems to know what part of my body needs special attention before I do. I especially like how she does Healing Touch before the massage. I have been getting massages for 25 years and Tammy is the best massage therapist I have been to. “

Sandy L.

“After every coaching session with Tammy, I feel nurtured. She has a warm, compassionate, and wise energy about her that is simply unique.  I often came to Tammy feeling overwhelmed, overcommitted, and scattered, but somehow, just a simple greeting from Tammy at the beginning of our sessions always calmed my nerves and my spirit. I love working with Tammy because she has a beautiful array of wisdom and experiences to draw upon.  Tammy will be an excellent coach for anyone who wants to feel healthier on a physical level, but personally, I felt an even greater amount of growth and healing on an emotional and spiritual level while working with her.  During our sessions, I felt that Tammy deeply cared about me, listened compassionately, and was very intuitive in regards to my feelings, desires, and needs. I am so excited for anyone who has the privilege to work with this amazing woman, she is truly gifted in all that she does! “

Becca Baer

“How can I put into words, the gifts I have received from Tammy over the years. She has helped me and my family in so many ways with her healing hands and beautiful heart!! She gives you a wonderful sense of balance you didn’t have when you came. For a good number of years, I did not have full use of my right hand. When I returned home from my first massage and healing session with her, I discovered that I had full range of motion and still have, to this day! She’s amazing! “

Barb P.

I had been coming to Tammy for healing sessions when I felt the need for energy work on and off for several years. Then in Jan. 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I began an intensified healing journey choosing Tammy as my partner, in my healing circle. Tammy companioned me closely through several surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. I had appointments with her at least every other week. I had minimal pain and side effects with treatment. I always felt care for, supported, and loved by Tammy.  Tammy uses her training in the healing modalities, balanced with her intuition, to guide her to the best way to assist my healing process. Knowing that Tammy has disciplined practices for her own self care, assures me that she valves her growth, health, and well-being and that I can trust she is grounded and centered in sacred, loving, power.  I always feel welcomed, comfortable, and well tended to as a guest in Tammy’s healing space and presence.

Becky S.

“In 2010, the universe connected me with a former school classmate Tammy Hulke. I discovered through our conversations and first-hand experience what a wonderful gift Tammy has for healing. The last four years has been very challenging physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At first I would show up on Tammy’s doorstep only when I was so depleted I couldn’t go anymore. After a session with Tammy I had the energy and courage to continue my journey in life once again, but waiting so long was not the healthiest choice. Tammy worked with me to arrange monthly sessions and she would remind me of the importance of caring for self. When I take care of myself and my own healing needs, I can better take care of others.  Thank you Tammy for using your gift of healing, your work is valuable and much appreciated.  Many Blessings my friend.”

Threasa Braker, MSN, RN

“Tammy is awesome. After having a traumatic rotator cuff tear along with my bicep tendon having to be reattached and put into its proper place, I was having a difficult time getting my arm and shoulder to move. I had already gone through weeks of physical therapy to no avail. I asked Tammy if she would do a “massage” focusing on my shoulder and arm. She is amazing! In an hour session, she made more progress than the six weeks of physical therapy. Her spirituality and holistic approach is masterful. I fully credit her ability in getting my recovery on track! It has now been almost a year since my surgery and I am fully back to normal. I am so fortunate to know her.”

Pat H.

“Tammy you have been such an inspiration to me as my health coach. You have helped me in so many parts of my life. I have become more spiritually connected, I have learned about boundaries, and the importance of supplements for my health concerns. The power of  a conversation has been life changing for me to have healthy relationships.  You have also been very encouraging and patient with my progress. You genuinely care about my growth and success and that means the world to me. Thank you so much for helping me to help myself.”

Shannon A.

 I have been a client of Tammy’s for several years. Tammy’s desire to expand her already broad knowledge regarding health coaching is refreshing. Tammy’s intuition shines as a massage/Healing Touch therapist. Her senses are very in tune with her clients, therefore highly effective. My ‘body’ knows when we are going to see her and cannot wait!!! What ever service you might be considering, I highly recommend Tammy. You will walk away impressed.”

Teri. D.

“I have known Tammy Hulke for over 6 years and have been seeing her for regular Spiritual Energy Healing most of the time. Tammy has been my rock through personal issues, work issues, and a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Tammy’s wisdom and knowledge of the Spiritual Energy Healing methods have shown through in our sessions. She was able to relieve stress as well as many of the physical side effects throughout my cancer treatments, which made a huge difference in my recovery. I trust Tammy and turn to her for balance in my life.”

Barb Beck

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